RI Bachelor Party Limo Rental

Guys get ready for a night out that you will never forget. Call up the guys from the soon to be groom along with the guys from wedding party and get ready. We will pick your whole group up at a single location or at each persons place.


You can get the team ready by visiting some local hot spots for some food and drinks before heading out to your big event. Whether your staying in Providence and looking to visit some nightclubs in the city or if your looking to head up to Boston for a fun filled night on the town, give us a call today to book your reservation. 

Four men at nightclub

RI Bachelorette Party Limo Rental

Ladies its time to get the girls together for a fun packed night. The soon to be bride does not have a clue of what you have planned for the night. Little does she know that she will never forget this one night out. Just know that "whatever happens in Providence stays in Providence".


One of our chauffeurs will arrive at your location early so that you can get your desired destination on-time. All the girls going out tonight will love traveling in style in one of our stunning limousines. We will take your entourage out for a memorable night out on the town. 


Our chauffeurs have seen it all, so please don't feel embarrassed if things get borderline crazy. Just be sure to keep it legal and safe and everything else will be okay. We will safely transport you and your group back home when the night is over. Be sure to give us a call today to book your special night out! 

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